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Re: [ASTRO] Re: SETI Arecibo message to m13

jerry and judy ( )
Wed, 4 Nov 1998 10:19:12 -0700

>Communicating with another race is very hard as most of you know.
>When our planet is viewed from great distances, it is hard to determine
>if life is on this planet. Radio waves take thousands of years to reach
>nearby stars, millions of years to reach another galaxy.

Not really, a significant amount of free oxygen in a planet's atmosphere,
which can be routinely detected, is a reliable indicator of photosynthetic
life, for example. This oxygen signature will not be found in a
'naturally' constituted atmosphere which is otherwise assumed to be
approximately Earth-like.

Now, intelligence is another thing, we can't even define what we mean by
intelligence on our planet! (grin)

>Again, as most of you probably know, we can not even be seen, when
>looking into the light of our sun. The planets being discovered now, are
>at least as large as Jupiter. Which is the extent of our technology in
>discovering other planets.
>We are too small to have been noticed by the galactic recon cruiser
>which came through in '86._grin

Yes, we've been lucky so far, but recently we've become very noisy (even
boisterous). If it's possible, we ought to pipe down, for the sake of our

Thanks for your reply,
Chicken Jerry

>Take care
>Gregory david Stempel