archiv~1: Re: SETI Aussie Speak Message & MIB's.

Re: SETI Aussie Speak Message & MIB's.

Alfred A. Aburto Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 04 Nov 1998 05:33:04 -0800

Thank you Noel from 'Stralia'

Needed a good laugh ...

Must of been you detected a smoke signal from the
binary chicken on the barbie :)

> Noel Welstead wrote:
> Dear SETIzens,
> Looks like Paul Dore, or is that Paul Dork was visited by the MIB this
> week.
> I hope that he got his alien migration fellons off the hook this time.
> He was probably shown the forget everything instrument and now the press
> conference
> has been cancelled cause he can't remember what he dioscovered. Those
> nasty men
> from the Government again!! Lucky the Australian hacker got into the
> Seti Institute's
> data base and found the secret waterfall images of the voyager probe
> that Nasa had
> detected. Well mates it's time I dusted off the Barbie, got a few
> shrimps to throw on
> and cracked a few Fosters. Stone the crows, it's those MIB again. Hope
> they don't
> make me forget where I work, I might not turn up tomorrow just in case
> my feed horn
> has neen turned around towards the microwave oven.
> Ahha, I,ve detected a signal from EQ Chook. This a binary chicken that
> escaped the
> high intensity light detector and got through. Oh well, I guess two
> yokes are better than none.
> Noel .from Stralia
> See ya Mates.