archiv~1: SETI Aussie Speak Message & MIB's.

SETI Aussie Speak Message & MIB's.

Noel Welstead ( (no email) )
Wed, 04 Nov 1998 20:34:00 +1000

Dear SETIzens,

Looks like Paul Dore, or is that Paul Dork was visited by the MIB this
I hope that he got his alien migration fellons off the hook this time.
He was probably shown the forget everything instrument and now the press
has been cancelled cause he can't remember what he dioscovered. Those
nasty men
from the Government again!! Lucky the Australian hacker got into the
Seti Institute's
data base and found the secret waterfall images of the voyager probe
that Nasa had
detected. Well mates it's time I dusted off the Barbie, got a few
shrimps to throw on
and cracked a few Fosters. Stone the crows, it's those MIB again. Hope
they don't
make me forget where I work, I might not turn up tomorrow just in case
my feed horn
has neen turned around towards the microwave oven.

Ahha, I,ve detected a signal from EQ Chook. This a binary chicken that
escaped the
high intensity light detector and got through. Oh well, I guess two
yokes are better than none.

Noel .from Stralia
See ya Mates.