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Ok. This brings up a question for me. If you are teleporting quantum
states, are we talking about particle spin, momentum, energy level, or a
combonation, or what? I still cannot get a 'grasp' on the nature of the
'quantum state' being instantly teleported over a room or vast distances.
What exactly is being transferred? But, if we accept a 'quantum state' is
being teleported, when the particles transfer this 'information', what is
the medium this information moves through? Is the quantum spin or energy
level movement the nature of the particle stepping in and out of those
levels within our 4D (xyz+time) world? Maybe this is the joining between
the Macro Einstein SpaceTime continuim world and the Quantum Mechanical
world, because even at the Quantum Mechnical level, if you are stringing
these particle over vast distances, and teleporting across quantum states to
the other end, what is this 'quantum state' actually moving through? It
does not seem to be the Einstein world, because it breaks down, or does it?


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This discussion is very interesting, theres's just one thing not clear
for me: in order to teleport information, the particle beam must first
arrive at the receiver side, since you're teleporting quantum states,
not the particles themselves. So if you want to send a message to
someone at a distance of, say, 40.000 LYs, you must first send the
"half-photons", wait for 40.000 years (while storing the other
"halves"), and when your photons finally arrive, it is only then, when
you can start the actual communication, and you must maintain a
"dedicated line", a continuous stream of particles, otherwise, if you
hang up once, the 40.000 years "dial-up" period starts again.

If this indeed was the case, and quantum teleports were in use in our
Universe, we should see many continuous streams of particles (not
necessarily photons, neutrinos???), from and to many directions,
something like the cosmic background radiation. We would see no
modulation, coding, doppler correction whatever.

Am I wrong somewhere? Sorry if I missed something trivial.

Zoltan Farkas
SETI League Regional Coordinator for Hungary