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Fw: SETI ETI Quantum Communication

RonBlue ( (no email) )
Mon, 2 Nov 1998 15:53:20 -0500

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>From: Matti Pitkanen <>
>To: RonBlue <>
>Date: Saturday, October 31, 1998 5:33 AM
>Subject: Re: SETI ETI Quantum Communication

>Thank you for the message about quantum communication. It stimulated me
>to finally read the original paper about teleportation. There are
>interesting points to ponder:
>a) Classical information and classical communication are involved
>in essential manner in teleportation (Alice must send to Bob the result
>of the quantum measurement on system 1+2). The concept of classical
>information is rather mysterious from the point of view of standard
>quantum theory: TGD inspired theory of consciousness I am forced to
>introduce passive quantum jumps in which the overall phase of subsystem
>changes whereas the *physical state* remains invariant. Sensory
>experiences correspond to passive quantum jumps and sensory experiencing
>means simply creation of one-one correlation between the states of
>observer and observed. It could be called also *classical communication*=
>transfer of *classical. information*. It is essential that this process is
>b) Another interesting point are the possible consequences of
>p-adicity for teleportation. The states of entangled particle pair needed
>in teleportation are *maximally entangled* and under very general
>assumptions the p-adic entropy of the intermediate state thus vanishes.
>S=0 entangled states possibly only p-adically are crucial for TGD inspired
>theory of consciousness. For instance, S=0 entangled pair of states having
>no entanglement with external world, has extendend free will in the
>sense that it can perform quantum jump to a *any* new S=0 entangled
>state: not only to the two eigenstates of the density matrix.
>With Best,
>Matti Pitkanen