archiv~1: Re: SETI HOAX--now you want sour grapes

Re: SETI HOAX--now you want sour grapes

Nico L. ( (no email) )
Mon, 02 Nov 1998 10:00:02 +0100 wrote:

> Paul--
> I find it extraordinary that I am being accused of irresponsibility for
> debunking this hoax.
> This hoax was publicly presented ,and quickly and publicly debunked (by me)
> in the same forum it was presented. The SETINOW press release of 10-29 was
> presented to the media to stop the inevitable nonsense that surely was to
> arise from the BBC news story. WHY DID YOU NOT RESPOND EARLIER IN A PUBLIC
> FASHION? Why blame me because of the lack of a timely SL response?

Hei Chip,
I think that nobody of people really informed by facts or people who seriously
the problem accused you. So I think that a calm discussion be the appropriate thing.

greetings from italy

> IF you had the data on 10-23--or whenever-- then you should have publicly
> debunked it as soon as 'anon' started posting. SL being slow on the response
> is not the IRRESPONSIBILITY of someone else.
> I find it doubly insulting to have your members accuse me of being
> irresponsible--not only because it is so wrong and off-base-- but because YOU
> are responsible for an ETI hoax on AOL a few years ago--was it on this date?
> Chip

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