archiv~1: Re: SETI more confirmations of the signal?

Re: SETI more confirmations of the signal?

murray ( )
Mon, 2 Nov 1998 02:47:27 -0700 (MST)

These are feeble attempts to keep the hoax going, but it looks like
this hoax will have to come to a complete stop on Wednesday. As the
hoaxers cannot possibly get "two radio astronomers from the Effelsberg
Radio Observatory", their mischief might be planned to come to some
conclusion on that day.

It may turn out that they are a student group looking to pull off a
stunt with a giggle factor, or some group that wants to test the
objectivity of the media. If there really is a person by the name of
Paul Dore who is this technically capable person, then either he would
not have made such a mess of this, or he would be speaking out to say
that his name has been used in this hoax without his permission. I've
not believed that this person exists, which I felt is confirmed by
looking at the very cheesey homepage that was attributed to him, even
has some grammatical errors in it. It has it's own domain, and then has
such a goofy page there.

The hoax should not damage the SETI efforts as it was handled well.
The BBC will have some embarrassment. The Art Bell show includes so
many bizarre topics, that getting mentioned there is no big deal. But
if there is one place where the hoaxers maybe deserve some credit it's
when Richard Hoagland joined on the Art Bell show saying this is a
signal coming from an interstellar probe that will arrive here in 6
weeks, and not of an earth origin, etc. This even had Art Bell
cautiously backtracking in apparent embarrassement, and it's gotta be
pretty bad before that will happen.

>Have you pointed your dishs at the suspected signal?

I'm new here but like it says in the Setileague press release, "None of
its 63 active observing stations around the world has been able to
confirm it"