archiv~1: SETI more confirmations of the signal?

SETI more confirmations of the signal?

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yourselves as best you can, right?


Second Confirmation from radio amateur in Japan.

From: Jay Oka

To whom it may concern:

I found your site from reading a post you made to
regarding signals at 1450Mhz. Most interesting. I am
involved with microwave point-to-point communications and when I noticed
a message from another amateur who also works
stations in the 23 cm band. I have also maintained an interest in
amateur radio astronomy and have a 2 meter hydrogen line
telescope that I use occassionally. What I did was as follows: connect
the hydrogen line telescope feedhorn to a microwave
range spectrum analyzer board in my PC and with this setup I gathered
the data you see plotted in the first inclosed jpeg. I was
highly skeptical of the whole story about EQ Pegasi especially after
reading the buisness wire story however I decided to give
it a look. If nothing were found it would be a very interesting

On October 31 at about 17:30 UTC (November 1st, 2:30 local) I set the
telescope to the corridinates of EQ Pegasi, RA 23
31 52, Dec +19 56 15 (the yellow "x" on the star map in the second
image) I also tuned to the frequency around 1453.827
Mhz as was described. I did not see signal. I looked higher in frequency
and still did not see signal. I then seached lower and
found a carrier-like signal at about 1452.187 Mhz. I recorded the graph
you see. The X axis represent time, the Y axis
represents frequency. It is the "waterfall" display of the spectrum
analyzer program I used. During the time of observation, in
the image you'll see the signal (the diagonal line) shifted down in
frequency by nearly 200Hz! That would explain why I couldn't
pick the signal up at 1453, the signal itself is getting lower. I hope
this may be of some service to those that may want to
monitor this signal

Best regard,

Jay Oka - JA1TR - Tokyo

Star Map of Pegasus sent to us by Jay Oka in Japan.