archive: SETI Astronomy/Space Exploration Related Webcasting Over the Internet!!

SETI Astronomy/Space Exploration Related Webcasting Over the Internet!!

Alex Michael Bonnici ( )
Sun, 01 Nov 1998 15:35:00 -0500

Hello Gang,
There are many exciting Astronomy/Space Exploration web
cast available over the Internet. Below is a list of some of the best

"From Mir to Mars." which was first broadcast on March 23rd, 1998:

Second Hubble Web Simulcast Takes Listeners on a Tour of the Cosmos if
you are interested in linking to the site can find logos and brief
descriptive text regarding the program at

Listen to Walter Alvare's audio book T-Tex and the Crater
of Doom at via the following link:
concerning the massive impact that ended the reign of the dinosaurs.

The successful live Web cast of The 1998 American Film Institute
(AFI)-Sloan Seminar celebrating the 30th anniversary of 2001: A SPACE
ODYSSEY via: Warning: For the first few
minutes you will see a blank screen but, later you will see a interview
with Arthur C. Clarke and the actors of 1968 film.

Europa: Another Water World?
Jupiter's Moon Europa, More water than Earth? Another Ocean? In Space?
Via the following web link:
For listeners to "tune in" via the Internet, they need a free software
package "plug in" called Real Player. This software can be downloaded
into a home computer from the following URL:

Good bye for now,

Alex Michael Bonnici