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Re: SETI fake

Steve Carver ( (no email) )
Sun, 1 Nov 1998 10:31:58 -0600

>I noticed a few oddities. On the bottom two screen segments there are two
>carriers displayed.
>__________________current display_______________
>OCT 29 16:09:45 (RA) 19h 56m 16s
>1453.833600 Carrier :127
>_________________History display_________________
>OCT 29 16:03:45 (RA) 19h 56m 16s
>1453.833400 Carrier :127
>1. Notice that when the time changed from 16:03 to 16:09, the earth
>apparently stopped spinning and froze at RA 19h 56m 16s. The RA should
have updated..

If you listened to Art Bell or Richard Hoaglund you'd know that this is not
the only time that the earth stood still.

:) :]

>2. The radio had stepped to the next frequency. Why would the carrier
>still be in
> the exact same bin?? (127). IMPOSSIBLE with a real signal!!

>This always happens when you have a local PC birdie in your soundboard.
>In other words, the signal is a fake or a dumb mistake.

I agree, it's pobably a mistake. I previously tried to have most of my ICOM
birdies appear in an orderly fashion w/i the same bin range, which you can
do depending upon the value of the "step" function in setifox.cfg; then of
course the filters can be set to get rid of many biirdies in an orderly

>Furthermore, the upper waterfall display shows a frequency drift (almost
>like a doppler without
>the curving effect). There is no way that the carrier could have hit the
>same bin! (127)
>on a different part of the band!
I agree unless it's something like a complicated AM signal running old type
A2 modulation!

>3. If the dish is not on a full AZ/EL system, The waterfall signal trace
>has to be bogus.
>4. The last thing that got my goat, was the uppermost display. The input
>line is FLAT. there is NO INPUT SIGNAL! Seems like there was no receiver
>connected to the sound card.

That one jumped out at me, what a ridiculous situation!

Remember to listen to the Sightings radio show, 7PM PST Monday night (Nov.2)
if you can find an affiliate; Dr. Seti willbe appearing as a guest...


Steve Carver
S.Central Vol. Coordinator
Argus EM34