archive: SETI Anon's:'This Way to the Egress...'

SETI Anon's:'This Way to the Egress...'
Sun, 1 Nov 1998 07:57:34 EST

Seticontact continues to rake in the suckers--now approaching 37,000 served.
And he's done even better than P.T.Barnum--he's found a way of getting'em to
come back for more! UPDATE! UPDATE! The A M A Z I N G UPDATE!

I was especially amused on how seticontact/(alleged)Paul Dorr (does anyone
now doubt these guy(s) are collaborating? ) ignored my comment on the bogus
nature of the slewing, in addition to NOW saying the two initial days of data
are one--posted by mistake:-) Funny how the 'real' second day hasn't been put
up with the sympathetic support of Mr. seticontact...