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Re: SETI Anon. Identified?

The WebMaster ( )
Sun, 01 Nov 1998 06:37:40 -0800

Greetings all...

So let us get this straight. We're especially interested in hearing from
those who have come down hard in terms of the E Q Pegasi situation being
a total hoax.

Why would such a seemingly extraordinarily schooled and employed fellow
such as this man risk attaching his name so prominently to a hoax?

Please see what appears to be his homepage right here:

and his Curriculum Vitae right here:

Why on Earth (or elsewhere) would someone such as he be involved in a
hoax. Sure there is no "proof" of anything yet, but it would appear that
Mr. Dore, as well as what seems to be a major German observatory, is
willing to speak about the signals at a press conference on Wednesday in

Why does this group so offhandedly debunk this sort of situation without
hearing and reviewing all the evidence first? Really now, it's not
particularly becoming...or scientific!