archive: SETI Arecibo message to m13

SETI Arecibo message to m13

Nico L. ( (no email) )
Sun, 01 Nov 1998 18:04:22 +0100


I'm debating with my friends about the possibility to send
a radio message far from here.
We know that limitation is light speed, so if I say that m13 is about
24 thousand light years from here or Proxima Centauri is about 4 years light,
I know the an approximate value of this quantities as distance values...
When Carl Sagan and Frank Drake sent message towards Arecibo,
I think that we don't know the exact position of the globular cluster,
we can only think that waves are a spherical form and every direction
is similar to another one.
Has a sense to point a radiotelescope to m13 and send a message
if we do not the exact position on the sky ?
When we point a radiosource we can hear the radio source and we are right
to point the position of the source because we are receiving light and radio pulses,
but what happens if radiosource started to send pulses later or a period later
than the source light or viceversa ?

thanks in advance
Nico Lonetti - Italy

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