archive: Re: SETI Harvard University's Billion-channel ET Assay!!

Re: SETI Harvard University's Billion-channel ET Assay!!

Michael T. Shinn ( (no email) )
Sun, 01 Nov 1998 05:14:02 +0000

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Bob Johnson wrote:
> Hello,
> I have been to the above web page and was interested to find that it
> is not working right. Is this a coincidence? I don't think It could be.

No, not a coincidence I would think it was more than likely just being
hit with more traffic than it or its connection could handle. Happens
all the time. CNN, MSNBC and others went down the other day when John
Glenn went up in the shuttle. Too much traffic.

> Maybe a perfect example of how the people in the know really do want to
> hide things from the puplic. But this may be out of there hands now.

Try this one:

As of November 1, 1998 0011Hours EST5EDT, it was working just fine. The
data is updated every ten minutes. This does not look an example of
"people in the know" trying to keep anything from you. Why on Earth
would scientists *all over the world* want to hide what would be the
most exciting discovery (IMHO) in all of mankind?

This makes no sense. Scientists don't like to hide things, they like to
publish, thats what they get paid for. Its critical to the scientific
method, its called peer review and its how we discover the truth
(instead of speculating on it and jumping to conclusions). Its what
Scientists generally get paid to do (well at least thats how we pay for
our research *grin*).

--Michael T. Shinn