archive: Re: SETI Chip Cohen is NOT anon.

Re: SETI Chip Cohen is NOT anon.

Michael T. Shinn ( (no email) )
Sun, 01 Nov 1998 04:59:20 +0000

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> Whoever this Ariel Sputz is, what a coward.
> Chip, I know that I don't need to support you, because you are a pro. But no-
> one in their right mind would believe what this anon has said.
> Bob Cutter, I vote you take this list closed, so there can be no more
> anonymous posts. Look what has happened, first a major furor from a nothing
> hoax. Second, one of the lists professionals is slandered by another anon.
> The standards of scientific discourse need to be upheld.

Not to mention the list was spammed, another reason to close it to non
subscribers. At the very least the list should not allow posts from
people that are not subscribed to it, and even better would be to
require the subscriber to send a "confirm auth <key>" message back to
the list server to prevent forged subscriptions to this list. (For
majordomo, information on how to do this is available at:

--Michael T. Shinn