archive: SETI Re: SETeeHee Hoax motorvacation?

SETI Re: SETeeHee Hoax motorvacation?

Blue Rhythmic Hand ( )
Sat, 31 Oct 1998 21:21:34 +0000

Ray Shank wrote:
> Don't take this personal, I'm just trying to lighten this list up.
> ---------------------------------------
> Call me a Red Herring, but Happy Halloween everybody!!
> And I've just got to say, Yarrow, that if you wouldn't squeeze
> so hard, that your Rhythmic Hand wouldn't be so blue! hehe
> SORRY!! I've just got to lighten this list up some! Shake loose!
> Again, Happy Halloween everybody!!
> May all your goblins be cute... hehe

And a happy Halowe'en to you also! I just put my face-paint on, am about
to don my feather mask and attend a Halloween bash. A little levity is a good
thing. A big levity is a GREAT thing!! ;o)

Rhythmic Hand (squeezing a little less and contemplating the consequential
change of name...;o)