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SETI fake
Sat, 31 Oct 1998 22:23:40 EST

Hi Steve,
I looked a the SETIFOX screen gif url you sent me. (So called SETI hit).

I noticed a few oddities. On the bottom two screen segments there are two
carriers displayed.

__________________current display_______________
OCT 29 16:09:45 (RA) 19h 56m 16s
1453.833600 Carrier :127
_________________History display_________________
OCT 29 16:03:45 (RA) 19h 56m 16s
1453.833400 Carrier :127

1. Notice that when the time changed from 16:03 to 16:09, the earth
apparently stopped
spinning and froze at RA 19h 56m 16s. The RA should have updated..

2. The radio had stepped to the next frequency. Why would the carrier
still be in
the exact same bin?? (127). IMPOSSIBLE with a real signal!!

This always happens when you have a local PC birdie in your soundboard.
In other words,
the signal is a fake or a dumb mistake.

Furthermore, the upper waterfall display shows a frequency drift (almost
like a doppler without
the curving effect). There is no way that the carrier could have hit the
same bin! (127)
on a different part of the band!

3. If the dish is not on a full AZ/EL system, The waterfall signal trace
has to be bogus.
It starts at lunch time and ends at supper!

4. The last thing that got my goat, was the uppermost display. The input
line is FLAT.
there is NO INPUT SIGNAL! Seems like there was no receiver
connected to the sound card.
The noise floor (grass) on the lower screens must be the (AGC)
front-end of the soundboard.
This is exactly the kind of condition that allows you to see any
local PC birdies coming
from the soundboard. (If you want to see em, un-plug your SB audio
input line).

5. Just looking at the white-out pixels around the red-line trace at the
beginning of the
signal make me think that someone was messing around with a paint
I've been using SETIFOX for a long time, and I've never seen that
(special?) effect.

Hey, maybe I'm wrong.. I was wrong about putting money in mutal funds..
later, Rich <>

Richard Tyndall NJ1A Woburn, MA. USA or
ARGUS Observatory FN42jl
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