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David Ocame ( )
Sat, 31 Oct 1998 20:25:43 -0500 wrote:
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> << Excuse me;
> >
> > WHERE is the debunking you refer to by the SL ?
> My memory may be poor Chip, but my computer is not faulty by any means.
> Paul did first post last Sunday - the 24th - as to the invalidness of
> this 'signal' from the U.K. Several others of us - including me - of the
> SETI-L as well!
> I will forward these posts to you as soon as I stop writing this.
> David/n1yvv (remember me?:)
> >>
> They certainly did not show up on seti-list; at least I didn't get them. Are
> you referring to the closed (not public) list? That is not what I was
> referring to.
> 73
> Chip N1IR
Oh, okay. Sorry. I thought you got all of the posts. My mistake.

But I do think we all need to get together on this and stop infighting.
This guy is going to be interviewed next wednesday and I think we need
to be prepared with a response. If this is a hoax - and I see from the
data that it most certainly is. Then we need to gather our data and be
prepared to show the public why this guy is a liar.

We, the SETI community - and not necessarily the SETILeague need a