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Re: SETI News Conference Announced

Blue Rhythmic Hand ( )
Sat, 31 Oct 1998 18:29:52 +0000 wrote:
> Frankly, this has eaten up so much time I wish I WAS 'left out'. Debunking is
> thankless.
> < When asked about the Buisness Wire story he responded:
> "I haven't seen that but I assuming it asserts this is a hoax I have no
> further comment other than I am satisfied that it is not. Next Wenesday will
> make that point perfectly and completely clear beyond a
> shadow of a doubt.">>
> I am speechless.

Well thanks for taking the time to respond in any case:o) You are far more
qualified than I (not at all) to analyze the claims, and I appreciate the
effort even if it seems like a waste of time to you. If it makes you feel any
better, I strongly tend to go with your analysis.
As far as gov't coverups go... they *do* happen (Iran-Contra ring a
bell?), and this and the "UFO" topics (or is that "UFO garbage", as another
poster recently put it;o) would be prime candidates. Doesn't mean it's there,
but if one can't see why it's a very plausible possibility... well, in my
opinion such a person is pretty naive. 'Course, it's easy for me to say,
having had a *very* advance craft of some sort hover over my head not more
than 100 feet up for a good three minutes or so (was in 1978 with my mother
and step-father, and that technology is *still* "impossible"). Still, I guess
it could have been swamp-gas;o) And methinks that if it wasn't from "out
there", it was ours, in which case we are being told fairy-tales as far as
what the state-of-the-art in propulsion systems is. But I digress...
Thanks for your willingness to respond further to what I know is an
exasperating subject for you!

Rhythmic Hand