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Re: SETI News Conference Announced
Sat, 31 Oct 1998 20:05:27 EST

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<< When the engineer was asked what he thought of of the allegations that
this was all
a hoax he responded, This is absolutely not a hoax. I will admit there were
problems with the
first two images I posted being infact the same one with the wrong date stamp
on one. >

It was more than has already been addressed. The data were forged.

Anon agreed that he was puzzled by the copying and said he checked his
equipment to make sure. His comment came --3-- days later.

<Unfortunately I wasn't careful to check
the two images. I admit that was sloppy however the people alleging that I
made this all up have yet to refute any of the
subsequent screen dumps I posted.>

They have indeed been refuted.

" (Series 1026-1, 1026-2, 1027-1 on this
site) "Furthermore they have not seen the data from the observatory in

Because there isn't any.

I feel they are basically calling this a hoax
<because they feel left out.>

Frankly, this has eaten up so much time I wish I WAS 'left out'. Debunking is

<This was not the type of signal the SETI
establishment was expecting ie: a beacon signal announcing "hello" nor is it
an interstellar version of I love lucy." >

It is an alleged 'signal' which does not convey information, and wastes power.
Indeed, I am biased in that assumptipn and have not seen any reason to remove
the bias.

<When asked what he thought the signals were he responded,

"That would be speculation and I would rather not speculate however my
expertise is in radar. I've worked on radar systems for the RAF and I feel
that this is most likely a radar or navigational signal,
perhaps intended for an interstellar probe that just happens to be in our
general direction. Again, due to the nature of my work I am somewhat biased."

Radar signals suffer from a distance to the 4 th power losses. Are we asked to
entertain a multi-light year propagation of a --radar--signal? AT THIS SNR??

<When told that the SETI project at Harvard known as BETA disabled their
real-time data website his response was:

"That does not suprise me one bit. We have had a hard time observing since
this was publicized. It seems that at times the signal is being wiped out by
close by noise source though I won't go so far as
to say its intentional jamming. Additionally I have had a car with government
tags shadowing me for the last few days since my identity was revealed on the
internet. I am not the paranoid type, as I said
before, I don't trust many people, and that includes the government. It's
my nature.">

Why is it that hoaxsters ALWAYS blame governments for their ills?

< When asked about the Buisness Wire story he responded:

"I haven't seen that but I assuming it asserts this is a hoax I have no
further comment other than I am satisfied that it is not. Next Wenesday will
make that point perfectly and completely clear beyond a
shadow of a doubt.">>

I am speechless.