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SETI News Conference Announced

Blue Rhythmic Hand ( )
Sat, 31 Oct 1998 17:54:12 +0000

The following is from the same website I referred to in my last few posts.
Either it's further spinning of a somewhat elaborate hoax, or this guy
genuinely believes he's got a live one.
Either way, it ain't quite dead yet!

Rhythmic Hand


News conference slated for Wenesday November 4th, despite allegations of a hoax.

Paul Dore and two radio astronomers from the Effelsberg Radio Observatory in
Effelsberg, Germany are to announce the discovery of repeating, artificial signals
from space at a press conference to take place in London Wenesday Novemeber
4th. When the engineer was asked what he thought of of the allegations that
this was all
a hoax he responded,

"This is absolutely not a hoax. I will admit there were problems with the
first two images I posted being infact the same one with the wrong date stamp
on one. I was so exicted I rushed onto the Internet
to a CLOSED list to get confirmation. Unfortunately I wasn't careful to check
the two images. I admit that was sloppy however the people alleging that I
made this all up have yet to refute any of the
subsequent screen dumps I posted." (Series 1026-1, 1026-2, 1027-1 on this
site) "Furthermore they have not seen the data from the observatory in Europe.
I feel they are basically calling this a hoax
because they feel left out. This was not the type of signal the SETI
establishment was expecting ie: a beacon signal announcing "hello" nor is it
an interstellar version of I love lucy."

When asked what he thought the signals were he responded,

"That would be speculation and I would rather not speculate however my
expertise is in radar. I've worked on radar systems for the RAF and I feel
that this is most likely a radar or navigational signal,
perhaps intended for an interstellar probe that just happens to be in our
general direction. Again, due to the nature of my work I am somewhat biased."

When told that the SETI project at Harvard known as BETA disabled their
real-time data website his response was:

"That does not suprise me one bit. We have had a hard time observing since
this was publicized. It seems that at times the signal is being wiped out by a
close by noise source though I won't go so far as
to say its intentional jamming. Additionally I have had a car with government
tags shadowing me for the last few days since my identity was revealed on the
internet. I am not the paranoid type, as I said
before, I don't trust many people, and that includes the government. It's just
my nature."

When asked about the Buisness Wire story he responded:

"I haven't seen that but I assuming it asserts this is a hoax I have no
further comment other than I am satisfied that it is not. Next Wenesday will
make that point perfectly and completely clear beyond a
shadow of a doubt."