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Re: SETI Anon. Identified?
Sat, 31 Oct 1998 19:44:55 EST

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<< orry to barge in on your squabbles and backbiting (you know who you are),
but I thought some of you may be interested in the following link, which
identifies Mr. "Anon." as a Paul Dore. >

If, indeed, there is a Paul Dore..

Also, apparently a few days ago Harvard's SETI project ceased it's usual
schedule of updating it's data on the net every ten minutes and started doing
daily updates instead.>

Bet it's a traffic issue.

And there is word that a major German observatory also detected the
and will issue announce it in a press-conference this coming Wednesday with
Mr. Paul Dore.>

Rubbish. Efflesberg doesn't do 21cm observations anymore because interference
is horrible.

Maybe... maybe not, but it's some new [dis]info(?) for y'all to chew
I realise that this will drive those of you who are convinced this is a
hoax and wish it would die quickly mad, but there are those of us who aren't
so quickly convinced. I was perfectly willing to accept it as a hoax, and
still am, but I can't help but wonder whether some of y'all aren't so worried
about looking like fools that you'll shoot the story down prematurely at the
slightest hint of a hoax. There are much worse things than being a dreamer or
a fool...>

You fail to mention the alleged confirmation by GU0NHK...who does NOT exist:-)

< Rhythmic Hand >

(glad my funding doesn't depend on *not* appearing to be fool, in which case
I'd be in big trouble;o)