archive: Re: SETI Chip Cohen is NOT anon.

Re: SETI Chip Cohen is NOT anon.
Sat, 31 Oct 1998 19:25:58 EST

Thanks for your kind comments, John.

I think this unusual situation has tested us all beyond normal limits.

Frankly, I am saddened by this, because in the last few months I have become
convinced that there is at least a sizeable number of individuals that have
the ability and dedication to do amateur SETI. It is the small apertures AND
short integrations that are a problem; not the individuals. So to have an
outsider do this stuff is disheartening for all.

So you all have my support in this trying effort; I feel that now is a good
time to show EXACTLY how good you are by putting out a comprehensive summary
to the media to offset the CONTINUATION of bogus material on seticontact's web
site--which now has the audacity to feature an interview with Paul Dore(!);
ALLEGED independent confirmation(!) from someone signing GU0NHD; and other
extraordinary comments.

I did my duty; time for someone else to feed the media hoards.

Chip N1IR