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SETI Anon. Identified?

Blue Rhythmic Hand ( )
Sat, 31 Oct 1998 17:28:53 +0000

Sorry to barge in on your squabbles and backbiting (you know who you are),
but I thought some of you may be interested in the following link, which
identifies Mr. "Anon." as a Paul Dore.
Also, apparently a few days ago Harvard's SETI project ceased it's usual
schedule of updating it's data on the net every ten minutes and started doing
daily updates instead.
And there is word that a major German observatory also detected the signal
and will issue announce it in a press-conference this coming Wednesday with
Mr. Paul Dore.
Maybe... maybe not, but it's some new [dis]info(?) for y'all to chew on...
I realise that this will drive those of you who are convinced this is a
hoax and wish it would die quickly mad, but there are those of us who aren't
so quickly convinced. I was perfectly willing to accept it as a hoax, and
still am, but I can't help but wonder whether some of y'all aren't so worried
about looking like fools that you'll shoot the story down prematurely at the
slightest hint of a hoax. There are much worse things than being a dreamer or
a fool...

Rhythmic Hand

(glad my funding doesn't depend on *not* appearing to be fool, in which case
I'd be in big trouble;o)