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SETI Disgraceful...

Colin Crook ( )
Sat, 31 Oct 1998 22:36:26 +0000

In my opinion,I think alot of you should be ashamed of your actions.Over
the past week sense the hoax came in, I have noticed a down fall in the
standard of scientific quality on the open list.This is appaling.You remind
me more of school children pointing fingers each other than a highly
respected scientific organisation.I want to thank all of you who didn't
dirty your hands in this matter and went around with your work.You are the
ones who will someday,I belive, recive The signal,Not the ones who are to
busy arguing then to look at their studies.Like Paul,I also encourage all
member to enrole on the ARGUS closed list.I hope we ALL will be able to put
this behind us and get on with serious studies in the coming month.

"So many radio emissions,So few dishes"
Colin Crook
Reginol Corordinator For Scotland
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