archive: Re: SETI: media management

Re: SETI: media management
Sat, 31 Oct 1998 14:50:55 EST

Let me make something quite clear:

I am quite pleased that you have a closed list that analyses hit. This makes
total sense. I am not privy to such a list, nor need to be; I am not part of
your project. My scientific critique of this is clear. I do not wish to stop
it; I wish to point out that it has a feeble likelihood of success. If you
like looking at noise, then enjoy!

Second, you waited too long. IF you knew it was a hoax you should have said so
AT THE FIRST OPPORTUNITY on seti-list. That would have saved myself--and
others needless effort.

Second, if the press runs with something already refuted it MUST be stopped.
The integrity of SETI as an enterprise suffers greatly if the observers can't
deny a hoax--very quickly.

As the first to point out the hoax on the --PUBLIC--list, I felt an obligation
to follow through on this matter. If this doesn't make sense to you then ask
yourself what does make sense.