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Sat, 31 Oct 1998 14:43:24 EST

In a message dated 10/31/98 9:52:04 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< I'm not looking for a
retraction Chip, I wanted you to understand that by not fully participating
in the process you're missing most of what's going on and your press
release didn't tell the entire story. >>

Not correct. A public denial of false data is essential in such cases. I in no
way imply that you weren't looking at the data (earlier); you just waited too
long, and after my post, to confirm it was a hoax.

The 10-29 press release was an essential act by any responsible scientist. It
succeeded--it stopped the press from taking a flame and starting a firestorm.
I remind you this was --3-- days after I pointed out it was a hoax.

The 'story' is quite complete: the DATA reveals the hoax. You SHOULD HAVE SAID
that as soon as possible--PUBLICLY IN THE MEDIA. You didn't, and someone had
to. I saw no reason to consult SL since the data did not rquire consultation.
Don't blame me for someone else's decision process.

I will continue to debunk any future SETI hoaxes, or incorrect ID's. It would
please me to no end if someone else did it first--save me the time better
spent on real science.