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Re: SETI Chip Cohen is Anon!
Sat, 31 Oct 1998 14:29:31 EST

I am not anon. I do not know anything about the hoax other than the data
reveals it to be so. Period. If you pursue this, or if I sustain professional
damage due to your speculation I will pursue legal means of retribution.

<In a message dated 10/31/98 10:31:26 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

Here is why I believe it is so.>

< 1. Chip Hates Paul Shurch>

If you mean Paul Shuch the answer is I don't hate anybody; certainly not Paul.

< 2. Chip Hates Amateur SETI (he believes it is a total waste of time)>

I state as a fact that that amateur SETi with small apertures is

< 3. Chip lurks on the SETI public list and frequently starts arguments to
discredit Paul>

I disagree on matters of fact. Why not? Is this a cult or something?

< 4. Chip insures everyone that he was the first to discredit the recent
activity as a HOAX and says he pronounced it as so within five minutes
after looking at it.>

Look at the posts of 10-26. You will see I was first. It took Bob Hohlfeld 4
minutes yesterday when he saw the seti contact web page. He was faster!

< 5. Chip accuses Paul of being responsible for an ETI hoax on AOL a few
years ago, on this date>

I do indeed. Perhaps you will fill the folks in on the AOL hoax from 1995
(94?). It listed Paul Shuch as the contact. I believe it was 'detection of
intelligent life on Europa' or some such drivel.

< QUESTION? Would it not be paybacks to create one now? >

Payback for...what? I in no way feel put out.

< By doing so, and
creating a fuss, as did happen, on the SETI public list he would sway
the media to have a less respect for the SETI League and its leader
while elevating himself.>

Where, pray, have I done this? Please post for all to see. I in no way
vilified the SETI LEAGUE to the press. I will continue to be scientifically
critical of ARgus and other bad ideas.

< I'm not sure exactly what your trip is, but your unprofessionalism and
irresponsible personal attacks are not welcomed by me and quite a few
others who have voiced their opinions to me about your total lack of any
tact on this public list, via personal mail.

I truly believe you a an intelligent person, and have a great deal of
knowledge from which, we would all learn greatly. But as a hot-head,
you destroy your own creditability. I personally would love to learn
from your vast experience. But frankly, I think you're a complete Jerk,
and I wouldn't want to be around you >

Why would this be an option? I have a rather full life as it is....

< I have tolerated you and your outbursts because I personally felt you
had something to share with us all, but quite frankly, I have determined
that you are not willing to give anything to this group but grief.

I send this anonymously just as you did yours on Oct 23 Zulu, to show
everyone just how easily it is to do.>

WHAT ARE YOU THINKING????????!!!!!!!!!--after Scott Adams.

Regards Chip. Live long and prosperů


This takes nonsense into a higher level. I want to make something very clear:
this is slander. This is wrong. It is lies. It is rapidly becoming a legal

Nathan Cohen, Ph.D.

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