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SETI Chip Cohen is Anon!

Ariel Sputz ( (no email) )
Sat, 31 Oct 1998 10:20:40 PST

Chip Cohen is Anon! (

Here is why I believe it is so.

1. Chip Hates Paul Shurch
2. Chip Hates Amateur SETI (he believes it is a total waste of time)
3. Chip lurks on the SETI public list and frequently starts arguments to
discredit Paul
4. Chip insures everyone that he was the first to discredit the recent
activity as a HOAX and says he pronounced it as so within five minutes
after looking at it.
5. Chip accuses Paul of being responsible for an ETI hoax on AOL a few
years ago, on this date

QUESTION? Would it not be paybacks to create one now? By doing so, and
creating a fuss, as did happen, on the SETI public list he would sway
the media to have a less respect for the SETI League and its leader
while elevating himself.

I'm not sure exactly what your trip is, but your unprofessionalism and
irresponsible personal attacks are not welcomed by me and quite a few
others who have voiced their opinions to me about your total lack of any
tact on this public list, via personal mail.

I truly believe you a an intelligent person, and have a great deal of
knowledge from which, we would all learn greatly. But as a hot-head,
you destroy your own creditability. I personally would love to learn
from your vast experience. But frankly, I think you're a complete Jerk,
and I wouldn't want to be around you

I have tolerated you and your outbursts because I personally felt you
had something to share with us all, but quite frankly, I have determined
that you are not willing to give anything to this group but grief.

I send this anonymously just as you did yours on Oct 23 Zulu, to show
everyone just how easily it is to do.

Regards Chip. Live long and prosperů


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