archive: SETI Fw: Hit@1453.07512Mhz - October 22 and 23

SETI Fw: Hit@1453.07512Mhz - October 22 and 23

KEN CHATTENTON ( (no email) )
Sat, 31 Oct 1998 17:28:25 -0000

For those who think that the response time to the Hoaxes message was some
what short in coming from the "SETI League", here in the UK pleas read my
Please NOTE that the original email was sent to our 'HITS' list at 06.26
UTC. My reply was sent at 07.13 UTC ie, This mail from what we now know to
be the 'Hoaxer' received a reply within less than one hour!!!!!!!!!
If the original sender of this Hoax had been genuine then he would have had
confirmation in a very short time of his 'HIT' or some other explanation as
to what the signals were.

Within minutes of sending this mail I also sent an email to HQ in New Jersey
saying that I thought this 'HIT' was a satellite. As indeed it turned out to
be via confirmation from Jodrell Bank some time later.

Below is my response to the original message, judge me has you must.

Ken Chattenton G4KIR, UK CO-ordinator for the "SETI League.

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Date: 24 October 1998 07:23
Subject: Re: Hit@1453.07512Mhz - October 22 and 23

>Hi Fellow Amateur,
>Thanks for your endeavours and allowing us to see what you have detected
>before running off to the 'Media'
>I would ask you NOT to contact the Media regards your 'Hit' at this moment
>in time. This will surely get you noticed by your Employer and that would
>never do, would it ?.
>You may or may not know that I am the UK CO-ordinator for the "SETI League"
>here in the UK. I would ask you please to give me a ring ASAP so that I may
>discuss this 'Hit' with you in more detail.
>My telephone No is...01287-642114. I can assure you that what we say will
>treated in the utmost confidentiality.
>I wonder how you came to be on this list in the first place, or am I
>this through HQ ( any idea Paul ? ).
>Please feel free to ring me ANYTIME during the weekend, or indeed anytime
>during the week if you find you can not get to a telephone right away.
>I would like to talk with you regards the 'Electronics' you are using at
>moment ( the 'home- brew' sounds very interesting!!! ).
>Please, please do ring, best regards Ken Chattenton UK CO-ordinator for the
>"SETI League".
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>Date: 24 October 1998 07:31
>Subject: Hit@1453.07512Mhz - October 22 and 23
>> I am sending this along to inform you of a possible SETI Hit.
>>First let me state, I am *NOT* a member of the SETI League for reason's I
>>would rather not go into. I have however been conducting Amateur SETI for
>>little over a year and a half. I am an ngineer at a major
>>company in England and I have for the last year conducted SETI from one of
>>the large (10 Meter) dishes we have here that was taken offline some years
>>ago. This is a "parasitic" experiment and no one around here knows I
>>mounted a 2nd feedhorn on the dish due to the fact that I am the engineer.
>>The station is as follows:
>>One 10 Meter dish ----> into a custom built (by me) 1450 Mhz Feedhorn
>>-----> into a custom built (again by me) -----> a "waterhole" filter
>>designed and built by yours truely) -----> an Inmarsat LNA with about 25db
>>gain ----->an ICOM R7100 whose output is sent to two Pentium II's (one
>>running SETIFOX, the other FFTDSP42)
>>Here is what happened:
>> On 22 Oct 1998 at about 21:13UTC FFTDSP logged a "Hit". Whilst I was
>>working outside the signal faded into view. I looked at the FFTDSP screen
>>when I came inside to take a break to find the last bit of signal trailing
>>into static. I quickly used the REPLAY.EXE program to replay the data to
>>find what you see in the gif file HIT.GIF. The antenna was pointed at RA
>>degrees 31 minutes 48 seconds(approx), 19 Hours 55 minutes 58 seconds
>>Several times during my shift I moved the antenna to that position but the
>>signal did not reappear.
>>Today 24 Oct 1998 at approximately the same time (21:17UTC in this case)
>>the same signal was picked up at the same RA and declination. I had come
>>prepared to check again for the signal. Between last night and tonight I
>>checked out all equipment to ensure it was in good health so you can
>>imagine my excitement when SETIFOX alerted me at about the same time that
>>it detected a carrier. I had FFTDSP logging the data again and you can see
>>by looking at HIT02.GIF the signal did almost the exact same thing as the
>>night before. I hurried to move the antenna of the source and when I did
>>the signal went away I moved it back on and lo and behold there it was. I
>>ran two more on-source, off-source tests of this type before finally
>>keeping it onsource by putting the antenna in tracking mode. I during this
>>time I recorded several minutes of data in the form of a .WAV file to
>>I am reluctant to give my name due to the nature of my work and the fact
>>that my supervisors no nothing of my SETI endeavor. I have a wife and kids
>>and don't want to risk my job unless I know for sure this is the real
>>thing. I was hoping your lot could check it out over the weekend since I
>>will be unable to take data during my days off. I don't risk having the
>>programs running when I am not there just in case someone from the company
>>comes nosing around. Anyway if this sequence occurs again Monday I will
>>alert Jodrell Bank, and the media (BBC, CNN, Skynews, and the like) due to
>>the fact that I don't trust many people, SETI folks included.
>>73's (I'd give my call but that would give me away.)
>>So i'll just sign this,
>>anonymous (for now)
>>PS: Sorry about this (cloak and dagger) thing but it is for my best