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Sat, 31 Oct 1998 11:37:28 EST

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<< Chip,

I wouldn't throw stones if I were you. The press release house built by
Boston University is somewhat crystaline. You and Boston University were
not the first to debunk the data, The SETI League were. We had made an
assessment of the data and come the conclusion two days prior to you (and
the public email list) even seeing it. I don't honestly care but I have
little tolerance for those that don't practice what they preach.

Excuse me;

WHERE is the debunking you refer to by the SL ? I seem to recall my post on
10-26 to this effect. This was BEFORE SL posts. Please repost.

The press release on 10-29 was a reiteration of my comments from 10-26 and
10-28, made public in the media in order to STOP the nonsense.

What IS your problem! You owe me an apology.

Now what is it that I am not practicing what I am preaching. This is an obtuse
comment .