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R.J. Fear ( (no email) )
Sat, 31 Oct 1998 09:40:22


I wouldn't throw stones if I were you. The press release house built by
Boston University is somewhat crystaline. You and Boston University were
not the first to debunk the data, The SETI League were. We had made an
assessment of the data and come the conclusion two days prior to you (and
the public email list) even seeing it. I don't honestly care but I have
little tolerance for those that don't practice what they preach.


At 06:08 AM 10/31/98 EST, you wrote:
>Mr. Whitehouse did not take responsible actions in this story. His FIRST--and
>very public--rendering of the story was tabloid at its worst. Many
>thousands--including me-- saw this story. IT IS STILL ON THE WEB IN ORIGINAL
>FORM, at least on the newsgroups. I believe the version you looked at is his
>MODIFIED version, which has some degree of balance. YET Mr. Whitehouse
made no
>effort to see if Mr. Dorr--or whoever--is actually involved. I am of the
>opinion that this Dorr guy is just someone whose resume got set up...
>We all know that the hoaxster's data was shot down within minutes of it being
>posted on the list. Why is it that Mr. Whitehouse failed to see these posts,
>and others, that were widely disseminated on NG's (without permission I might
>add) LONG BEFORE his story?
>Mr. Whitehouse may be an excellent journalist but this is not an example of
>journalist's work.

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