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Brian Wong ( (no email) )
Sat, 31 Oct 1998 02:36:54 -0800

Yes, John, I agree with your interpretation. I could be wrong, but
according to what I've read, these strange quantum effects appear to have no
spatial or time dependencies. Furthermore, they can't be compared to RF
wave propagation or any other phenomenon in our everyday world. In effect,
these correlation effects can apply across very great distances and
simultaneously. There is no medium and time plays no role. Very strange.

I too am not a quantum physicist so disclaimers are in effect.

Now back to SETI.

Other messages on this thread present, completely legitimate, arguments for
the technical difficulties in making 'quantum communication' realistic. But
these are from a geo-centric perspective. But imagine that an ETI with no
such technical bounds; they may be using quantum mode communication across
the galaxy with ease and have abandoned EM communication modes eons past.

I guess my original point is this: Assuming (a big assumption) that
advanced ETIs would abandon RF (or EM or any other medium that we are
familiar with) and thus would not be communicative with us, then the Drake
Equation term fc (fraction EM communicable civilizations) could be very
small (and widely disbursed) but at the same time there could possibly be a
large number of advanced ET civilizations. Note that I am also presuming a
relatively short technological usage window for RF. (sorry for the long
run-on sentence but its late and I'm composing at the keyboard...)

IF the above is so, then we are trapped, presently, to using EM SETI. We
may not be able to 'play the game', if you will, for generations. Let me
stress that I am pro SETI, absolutely, and that all this does not mean that
we should not search but its ideas like these keep my hopes quite

I very much enjoy this list. So many ideas can arise from a simple thought.


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>No, RJ, I believe that you are incorrect on this one. One of the strange
>things about quantum particles is their ability to stay connected at
>large distances. Bell's theorem would possibly allow faster than light
>communication by exploiting quantum particle effects.
>Not a physicist, but that's my interpretation.
>John Marcus.