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RonBlue ( (no email) )
Fri, 30 Oct 1998 15:05:05 -0500

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> Date: Friday, October 30, 1998 12:48 AM
> Subject: SETI ETI Quantum Communication

> Hi all,
> Here is an article from Reuters and a web page from IBM Research that talks
>about a successful "quantum teleportation" experiment in the lab. The
>experiment for the first time managed to physically "teleport" a beam of
>from one physical location to another. (taking advantage of EPR correlation for
>you quantum folks out there)


> I don't know if this topic has been addressed here before but if we are
>discovering that "quantum communication" can be used to transmit information
>from one place to another then perhaps substantially more advanced ET
>civilizations could possibly, and routinely, communicate in this manner.

> Taking this supposition to the extreme, advanced civilizations may find
>absolutely no use for the RF and optical spectrum for communication. Imagine
>noise, no static, no propagation, no interstellar scintillation, and (perhaps)
>no interference or bandwidth considerations. It would be a most ideal means of
>long distance communication. It took only over 100 years to go from spark gap
>to lasers and now to quantum communication. The "technological window" for the
>utilization of RF and Optical communication may not be very wide.

> Thus it is possible is that there are very few or maybe nobody to listen
>in RF or optical SETI. They're out there but we will never hear them no matter
>how big the dish or telescope. A very disquieting prospect. That's just a
>thought. Any comments?

> Regards,
> Brian
You are correct that quantum communication has been discussed with
the group and your comments were useful in the on going discussion.

Yes, the window of opportunity in Radio Frequency could be very short
for SETI.

There are significant problems with quantum communication.

Current theory might suggest that two quantum computers in communication
with each other via RF forming an entanglement could in principle
know what the other computer knows. The communication however
must be sent anyway via RF even though it might take thousand of years
to arrive. The actual communication was instanteous regardless of distance
or time.

Notice that in order for the system to work both systems had to be
in continuous communication over thousand of years and the distance between
them is increasing.

Now lets apply this to a business. The home office sets up multiple quantum
computers in communication with each other via RF. The multiple copies
are now SENT to the different locations in the business. The contact MUST be
held open for as long as the business is in existance and communicated by
RF handshake, even though the information is local and instanteous.

If you can eavesdrop on the RF confirmation handshake, your quantum computer
would immediately know what the other quantum computers knows. They would
also know immediately what your computer knows and would know you are listening.

I would suspect that power requirement on the handshake may be low or it could
be as high as a normal RF communication. If it is low the universe could be
with what we call static. In addition it may be connected with aether theory
and zero point energy, or even cause the universe to come into existance as a
propagation wave from the future.

Ron Blue