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Ray Shank ( )
Mon, 19 Oct 1998 07:31:32 -0500

Since I was sent a copy of this via email, I assume this was directed to
me. And since it was also sent to the public list I will respond there as

At the risk of being blasted for my statements, I will say that they are
only my own, and I stick by them, and I will stand responsible for them.

On UFO's, think of me more like Scully. I have a reasonably open mind. I
believe in the possibility of visitation, but I have not experienced it nor
do I expect to. I do believe strongly that If we start straying from the
scientific methodologies and into this area, we will shoot ourselves in the
foot as far as being perceived as credible. We will go from the scientific
into the occult, and nothing we could ever do will gain us ANY credibility.

No matter what I believe, I refuse to do that. I will never talk, except
as we are now, about UFOs or space probes or little green men. That
doesn't have anything to do about SETI, and will always leave someone to
believe that we are crackpots instead of scientists.

At the risk of being told, as you have, that I have a closed mind, I will
say: "Show me little green (grey) men, and I'll talk about em." Until
then, show me preamps and receivers and I will talk about SETI and maybe
how I think our government would react if we had a contact.

Call me what you may, But I won't be accused of allowing people calling
SETI scientists or their work, occultists, UFO chasers or any derogitive
statement that will chip away at their credibility, and I would hope you
would feel the same.

There are thousands of UFO chaser lists, forums and newsgroups out there,
and I suggest that the ones that believe in UFO abductions and the like,
leave the SETI lists and go there. And let scientists and us amateur
scientists to discus our work and our methods.

At 08:44 AM 10/19/98 +0100, you wrote:
>Yeah, I know the feeling.
>But most people who are reasonably open minded will at least listen
>without prejudice. People who make up their minds before they open
>them are one's to feel sorry for.
>Next time say to them, "I'm sorry, but I didn't realise that you have
>a closed mind." and change the subject to sports or the neighbours cat.
>Their loss.
>Kind regards.
>For those with preferences,
>suffering is inevitable.
> Ajahn Brahmamuni
> Thai Monk

Ray Shank