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Re: SETI RE: [ASTRO] BIG bang question

jerry and judy ( )
Sun, 18 Oct 1998 22:11:08 -0600

>In your opinion how much information is sent from the past universe into
>the new universe. In other words did I ask or you ask this question
>about 80 billion years ago?
>Ron Blue

I'm thinking many trillions of years ago, allowing for a long, nearly
'asymptotic' deceleration in expansion and then an equally slow initial
stage of the beginning contraction.

No, I don't believe any discrete info survives the near singularity, but
the highest role for intelligent life will be to try to forestall the
devastating recollapse and save the hard-won information of our universe!

Seems unlikely though. Afterall, no prior 'team' has prevailed in this
regard (grin) or we wouldn't be here, would we? (so early in this cycle).

As the Archbishop said,
We have leave to try!