archive: Re: SETI RE: [ASTRO] BIG bang question

Re: SETI RE: [ASTRO] BIG bang question
Sun, 18 Oct 1998 20:53:46 EDT

In a message dated 10/18/98 1:22:47 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

> I got a note from another SETI list reader that leads me to believe that
> some of our posts aren't getting through. I also notice that many posters
> "double" post, I get both posts OK but maybe they're also having trouble?
> So I'm sending this to you email, have you had any problems??
> Thanks,
> Jerry

The double posting comes from many sources. One is that there are multiple
lists, seti and argus are the two that I am on. Another is that a replier
frequently puts both the list and the original sender in the reply field,
thereby giving the original poster two copies of the reply, one of which is
via the list server, the other via email. And if the reply is put on two
lists, this will lead to 4 replies!.

But I think my reply to you was not properly sent to the seti list server. It
was just sent via email. By the time I realized what I did, it was too late.
So I thought I would just leave it private, and let you post your replies if
you felt like it.


John Marcus MD