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RonBlue ( (no email) )
Sat, 17 Oct 1998 16:07:55 -0400

>Just a warning to all the SETI people on the planet. One small mention
>concerning SETI over dinner last night with friends (well, what used to be
>friends) got me put on the crackpot list in record time
NASA's SETI project was given the Golden Fleece Award by Senator
Proxmire. This ended the funding of SETI by the government.
Carl Sagan went to Washington and had a conversation with Senator
Proxmire lasting hours. If you were very important you could normally
talk to him for 10 minutes.

Proxmire kept his mouth shut when funding for SETI was raised again.
And the bill went through. Unfortunately, Republican were elected and
ended funding for SETI the next round.

If you can keep Senator Proxmire quite then there is merit to SETI.

Ron Blue