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jerry and judy ( )
Sat, 17 Oct 1998 14:20:48 -0600

>You crackpot! hehe
>I don't know what you said, but I just tell people that SETI members are
>scientists searching the skies for signs of intelligent life using
>scientific methodologies. Not UFO Chasers, who speak of flying saucers and
>other airborne kitchen utensils. That usually gets a smile, but they
>usually realize that I'm not into the UFO chasing scene.

I understand your point, but likewise, at the risk of getting thrown out of
this group, I would like to ask a question about Greys.

Imagine that an advanced race detected us long range, as a favorable planet
in reasonable equilibrium (maybe by the oxygen signature) and they last
sent retrievable probes here a few million years ago. If our ancestors
were noticed and warranted future study, the aliens (or their constructed
cyborgs, or both) might come here to study us firsthand. Now how would
they fashion the appearance of their 'interceders' or themselves, so as not
to frighten us too much? (and how might they get it very wrong?)? If the
initial probes took thousands of years of travel time and then the main
expedition took thousands of years, maybe being part of a well-conceived
and very extended network of 'expeditions' etc. in this neighborhood, they
would have had to extrapolate from the evolutionary trends that they had
data on and it would be very difficult. And since they probably "couldn't
tell one human from another. They all look alike!, and they're so ugly!"
the Greys might be the best they could do. A little less threatening, with
more enhanced juvenile features than their "trends" indicated. They
themselves, most likely would have a very different body plan and they
would correctly assume that their appearance would be a major impediment to

Maybe they did continue to send probes, but the Greys were still the best
they could do, to have the best chance to interact at the 'very primitive
human level'.

Why didn't they communicate with us directly? Maybe it's that 'very
primitive human level' again. And maybe they're working on it.

Even folks that believe that advanced tech/civs are two a penny, see this
phenomenon as a typical psychological response which is easily explainable
by well-known states of the mind, but wouldn't the aliens also have known
this long ago? :)

One point seems curious to me, from what few accounts I've seen of these
encounters. The aliens aren't represented as being much smarter than
humans! (of course their technology is so advanced as to border on magic).
Is this an unconscious psychological imperative of the 'victim'? that they
be on our 'level', relatable? bearable?
Natural selection results in species that are only just adequately adapted
for survival, under their local conditions, this is common sense among
scientists but not well known among the 'unscientific'. After cultural
evolution outpaces and overwhelms organic evolution, I assume that the
level of personal intelligence of a species will only increase through
artificial or technological aids or means. Is this just another
coincidence? It seems unusual that there haven't been claims of
powerfully-minded beings, isn't that what the layman expects about space

If I've said anything wacko here it's the result of human pattern-forming,
which works so well in chess and poker! Feel free to bluff and/or
checkmate me.

Watch the Skies!