archive: FW: SETI Lecture Press Release from Planetary Society

FW: SETI Lecture Press Release from Planetary Society

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From: Dr. Stuart A. Kingsley
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Subject: Fwd: SETI Lecture Press Release from Planetary Society

>Date: Fri, 16 Oct 1998 08:49:12 -0400 (EDT)
>From: Bob Dixon <rdixon@STARGATE.ACS.OHIO-STATE.EDU>
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>Subject: SETI Lecture Press Release from Planetery Society
>They are mailing this out to all their 2,600 members in Ohio.
>They are sending us $150 for our own local posters.
> Bob
>The Planetary Society, a long-time sponsor of the search for
>extraterrestrial life, is joining forces with Star Trek: Insurrection to
>seek out new civilizations -- and enlist the public in our newest project,
>SETI@home. We are launching this exciting new partnership with a
>nationwide series of special events, and invite you to join us in Columbus
>for ...
>The Scientific Search for Intelligent Life Outside the Earth
>by Robert Dixon and Philip Barnhart
>presented by
>The Planetary Society
>in cooperation with
>Ohio State University
>Saturday, November 7 1998
>7:00 PM
>Independence Hall Auditorium
>Ohio State University
>1923 Neil Avenue
>(corner of Neil and West 17th Avenue)
>Columbus, OH
>Admission: Free
>Seating will be on a first-come, first-served basis.
>(Seats cannot be reserved).
>Humanity has long wondered whether or not Earth hosts the only intelligent
>civilizations, or indeed, the only life, in the universe. It is just in
>the last few decades that scientists have been able to search for other
>beings, other voices, through the use of radio astronomy.
>Dr. Robert Dixon, Senior Research Engineer in the computer center of Ohio
>State University, and Professor Philip Barnhart, of Otterbein College, will
>examine the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) at a special
>event, "The Search for Intelligent Life Outside the Earth."
>Prof.. Barnhart will present the history and philosophy of SETI, while Dr.
>Dixon will discuss how scientists are listening with telescopes for radio
>signals that might be transmitted by alien civilizations. Those SETI
>projects include the Ohio State SETI program, the new ARGUS telescope
>design, and the new SETI@home program, which will enable people anywhere to
>participate in the search with their home computers.
>SETI@home is an innovative screen saver program that will harness the spare
>computing power of hundreds of thousands of Internet-connected home
>computers around the world to crunch data from SETI.
>SETI@home is scheduled to begin "beta testing" with real data in December,
>1998. The software will be available free in April, 1999 to anyone
>wishing to participate in the search. For more information, visit the
>Planetary Society at or Star Trek: Insurrection at
>SETI@home is sponsored by the Planetary Society and Star Trek: Insurrection
>from Paramount Pictures. Star Trek: Insurrection will open in theaters on
>December 11, 1998.
>Information about SETI@home and posters from Star Trek: Insurrection will
>be distributed at the event.

>If you can't attend the lecture, this event will be transmitted live on the
>Internet, and then available for later viewing as well.
>Approach the Ohio State University campus on route 315 from the North only
>(the south approach is under construction). Take the Lane Eve exit and go
>East. Turn right on Tuttle Park Place, and then left immediately on Ives
>Drive. Turn right onto the parking ramp at the end of Ives Drive. Walk
>one block South to Independence Hall.
>We need volunteers! If you are able to volunteer at a Planetary Society
>information table at this event, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator,
>Alice Wakelin: phone (626)793-5100; e-mail
Dr. Stuart A. Kingsley, SMIEEE, MIEE, CEng.,
Director, The Columbus Optical SETI Observatory

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