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SETI FW: Boston NSS meetings/events!

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Hi folks!

Here is what is happening for the rest of the year 1998...

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Oct 15 (This Thursday!)

"Mission Control Cambridge: NASA's new X-Ray Telescope"
Jonathan MacDowel of the Harvard Smithsonian will be speaking
about his work with NASA's new AXAF telescope.

The Advanced X-ray Astrophysics Facility is NASA's next
Great Observatory. It is scheduled to be launched on the
Shuttle in early 1999 and will provide the sharpest ever
pictures of stars and galaxies seen in X-rays. AXAF will
be controlled and operated by the AXAF Science Center,
from a mission control center in Kendall Square, Cambridge.
Astronomers from all over the world have already planned
observations for the first year of AXAF operations.

Nov 1-5 (Tentative) We may be sharing a booth with the
Mars Society at NASA TechEast at the Hynes Convention Center,
and would need several volunteers to watch the table.

Nov 4 - Bruce Mackenzie has arranged a tour of AXAF facilities!
We'll start signing people up at this Thursday's meeting.

AXAF (Advanced X-ray Astronomical Facility) Science Center
Thurs. Nov 5th, 7:45 p.m. You must be prompt, no one will be let in
after 7:46!

You can meet in lobby of "Hill Building" which is near the
intersection of Broadway & Hampshire St., near RR tracks,
enter through doors under the pedestrian bridge over Broadway.
Or meet PROMPTLY at 7:30, NE43-800, and walk over.
There is a limit of 15 people, but if we get more, it is possible
to get additional tours.

Dec 3 - Frank White, author of "The Overview Effect" will be giving
a talk and doing a book signing! The 2nd edition of his book has
been released and he will be talking about the changes in the world
and in the space movement/space program since the publishing of the
first edition in 1987. Frank also wrote The SETI Factor in 1990.

See you Thursday!

-Elaine Mullen

Boston NSS President