archive: SETI League mentioned in Glasgow's 'Herald'

SETI League mentioned in Glasgow's 'Herald'

Chris Boyce ( (no email) )
Tue, 13 Oct 1998 20:43:57 +0100

Hello all,
The centre page spread of the [Glasgow] Herald's ICON supplement
contains an article of mine on both @SETI and the SETI League. I realise
that this is hard to come by outwith the borders of my own fair realm but,
fortunately, it is also up on the Electronic Herald site - Click on 'Features' and then ICON and it should
come up at the top of the articles list.
I can forward hard copy to anyone who sends me an SAE with an
international reply coupon to cover postage. Just e-mail me and I'll send
the office address.

Chris Boyce
ET-Presence -