archive: SETI Re: [ASTRO] Exploring and colonizing Europa in MMM 118

SETI Re: [ASTRO] Exploring and colonizing Europa in MMM 118

Doggamoose ( (no email) )
Sun, 11 Oct 1998 15:55:24 -0400

I'm new to this...but I have one question already. As someone who would
love nothing better than a shot at the moon, but want to know my risks if I
should actually get there, I wonder how safe I would be since
micrometeorites don't burn up in any atmosphere. Wouldn't they rip though
building materials?

Just wondering...

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Date: Friday, October 09, 1998 3:19 PM
Subject: [ASTRO] Exploring and colonizing Europa in MMM 118

>The current issue of Moon Miners' Manifesto (#118 - September, 1998)
>is extensively devoted to the exploration and colonization of Europa.
>All of the articles were written by Icepick member Peter Kokh, who
>also did a nice write-up on our Europa Ocean Explorer project.
>I highly recommend MMM, as it never fails to pack so much interesting
>and useful information on the colonization of space into one publication.
>Peter has recently focused issues on Europa, which he has graciously
>sent to me for posting on the Icepick list. While the themes may be
>beyond our current plans for Icepick, the articles do bring up important
>issues about exploring this Jovian moon and what our future plans for
>Europa must ultimately be.
>Here is the MMM Web site URL for viewing past issues:
>In related matters: How go the schematics for the probe? I will
>be happy with ASCII drawings at this point. Can we make a list of
>what Icepick will carry to Europa to post to the Web? What other
>work have list members done as of late? Thanks!