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RonBlue ( (no email) )
Sat, 10 Oct 1998 22:10:58 -0400

> Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 impact event on Jupiter
>in 1994,
I like to think that I was involved in this important event. The
goal was to look at the darken area on Jupiter after the impact.

I maked efforts to contact NASA through my astronomy friends
to use the flash off of Io to indirectly pick up energy readings.
I do not know if I was the one to start the ball rolling but I do
know that efforts were made to do this. Unfortunately,
the telescope was turned off because the impact time was off
on the one that would work with this procedure.

Local amateurs in Berks county saw the flash with their 10
inch telescope which lasted about 60 seconds and doubled
the brightness of Io. They reported this to Carpenter and
Sagan at a conference. They both had significant excitement.
To me this was a reward to them for the excitement their
ideas had for me.

I did not have a telescope but I was about 300 feet from the
Berks county line looking at Jupiter in an isolated area. If I
would have been lucky they would have been in my view.

Ron Blue