archive: SETI Exploring and colonizing Europa in MMM 118

SETI Exploring and colonizing Europa in MMM 118

Larry Klaes ( )
Fri, 9 Oct 1998 11:25:48 -0400

The current issue of Moon Miners' Manifesto (#118 - September, 1998)
is extensively devoted to the exploration and colonization of Europa.
All of the articles were written by Icepick member Peter Kokh, who
also did a nice write-up on our Europa Ocean Explorer project.

I highly recommend MMM, as it never fails to pack so much interesting
and useful information on the colonization of space into one publication.

Peter has recently focused issues on Europa, which he has graciously
sent to me for posting on the Icepick list. While the themes may be
beyond our current plans for Icepick, the articles do bring up important
issues about exploring this Jovian moon and what our future plans for
Europa must ultimately be.

Here is the MMM Web site URL for viewing past issues:

In related matters: How go the schematics for the probe? I will
be happy with ASCII drawings at this point. Can we make a list of
what Icepick will carry to Europa to post to the Web? What other
work have list members done as of late? Thanks!