archive: SETI Day in United Kingdom on November 15

SETI Day in United Kingdom on November 15

Larry Klaes ( )
Thu, 8 Oct 1998 17:22:32 -0400

Just discovered this from the The Planetary Society Web site:

November 1998

November 15 -- SETI Day, United Kingdom. A full day of activities for both children and adults at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. Design an Alien, an activity for children 3 years and older. At 1:00 pm, a lecture by Ken and Linda Evans titled, "Here we are". It will take on the view as to how extraterrestrial species will look. And at 3:00 pm, Andy Lound, our United Kingdom Volunteer Coordinator, will present an overview of the research into the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence.
November 23 -- Mars Attacked. Keele University, Physics Department, Keele, United Kingdom.