archive: SETI on TV ( UK ).

SETI on TV ( UK ).

KEN CHATTENTON ( (no email) )
Thu, 8 Oct 1998 17:48:29 +0100

HI all,

you will be pleased to know I am sure that there will be an item on 'SETI'
on channel 5 this evening ( Thursday the 8 of October ) at 18.00Hrs UTC ( 7
in the evening ).
Sorry for the short notice, I have just received this news from Ian Morrison
at Jodrell Bank.

Don't forget to take a look in the North this evening, between 8.30 and
10.00 ( local time ) for that Meteor Shower that's forecast ( 40% chance of
a real good shower ).

Cheers all, Ken Chattenton UK CO-ordinator