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Re: SETI Why would anyone look forward to sharing this galaxy?
Tue, 6 Oct 1998 12:49:20 EDT

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> How about the great apes. They certainly have a society of different
> indiviuals.
> These creatures do not act like "animals" More like a tribe.
> I don't see the clear definition you have between animals and humans.

How can you deny the significant differences between great apes and human
tribes? Why is it so fashionable to assume humans are no different than
animals? Can you not see the difference? We are not worms, bees, or great
apes. We are significantly different. Apes do not have even a remote
capability of abstract thinking, something that develops in humans at about
the age of 7.

Well, I can just go on again.

Who stores up knowledge with the written word? Who concentrates that knowledge
with universities and electronic equiptment? Who makes electromagnetic
radiation? And if we someday have electromagnetic communication with ET's, do
you think the great apes are going to have a separate conversation with high
powered high gain equiptment? If a spaceship landed in the middle of an ape
tribe, do you think they would be aware that the ship came from another
planet? To them, it would be no stranger than a truck. The pilots would surely
know that we perceived them differently than the apes.

Just my 2 cents.

John Marcus