archive: Re: SETI Why would anyone look forward to sharing this galaxy?

Re: SETI Why would anyone look forward to sharing this galaxy?

Don Adams ( )
Tue, 6 Oct 1998 09:33:26 -0400 (EDT)

>Why do you discount the possibility of sentience making us able to
>communicate? No matter how they communicate, they will in fact need to
>communicate. And we can communicate, one way or the other. The difference
>between 2 sentient beings communicating, and the way man communicates with the
>animals, is likely to be significant. We are not worms. And we will not be
>worms no matter how advanced any civilization is. The difference being
>sentience, self awareness, stored up knowledge, ability to educate, just to
>name a few off the top of my head.

How about bees? They communicate infomation with each other. Things like
direction and distance and what it is that they're going after. We may look
like bees
to an advanced species.

>Again, the difference is sentience. We have the conscious ability to avoid
>their living room, as long as we know they are there. And we can ask them
>simple questions like "why?". An animal cannot ask why.

I think my dog thinks "why" can't I go in the living room? But he doesn't.

>Again, we have achieved sentience, and all the psychology
>that goes along with it. No other species on Earth has achieved such

How about the great apes. They certainly have a society of different indiviuals.
These creatures do not act like "animals" More like a tribe.

I don't see the clear definition you have between animals and humans.

>Well, I hope I didn't flame anyone too badly. Sorry if I did.
Same here

over and out...Don wa8qzz