archive: SETI Why would anyone look forward to sharing this galaxy?

SETI Why would anyone look forward to sharing this galaxy?

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Mon, 5 Oct 1998 13:49:39 -0600

Subject: Re: Extraterrestrial life?

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>> Sorry if this is a bit hypothetical, but...
>> I was wondering what others on this NG thought of the possibility of ET
>> life. I mean the religious folks as well as the scientists, and the
>> people who would consider themselves both. What do you all think?
>Not just hypothetical, but awfully broad don't you think?
>Hmm... how about a vague answer...
>I find the possibility of extraterrestrial life fascinating, and personally
>I believe abiogenesis is plausibly quite common in the universe. I would
>not be especially suprised (although I would be delighted) at the discovery
>of life, or the remnants of life, on Mars or Europa (or elsewhere in the
>solar system) within my lifetime.

I don't get it. Why would anyone want to share this galaxy with
non-terrestrial (especially intelligent) life?? Humans don't even seem to
want to share the Earth with terrestrial life, with which we're very
closely related, and whose survival will have a major impact on our own!
Isn't this attitude part of what Dr. Sagan called being 'authentically'
human? It's perfectly acceptable to kill all top predators from the
troublesome wolves and coyotes to rattlesnakes and black widows that are
just trying to eek out a living, on and on, some of the most highly
evolved creatures of this epoch!, but we await with bated-breath the data
from Mars or the Antarctic! Don't get me wrong, it would be constructive
to know whether life can arise on Mars or Europa, but that's all, we
haven't evolved all this time with an 'us or them' attitude to change now,
and the stakes will be very much higher in the next few millennia! than
they've ever been in the last 5 million years. That was a cakewalk!
Lions, leopards and huge cave bears, yawn!!! (I know, it's lions and
tigers and bears, oh my!)

It's probably is a very dangerous universe out there, I'd advise to keep a
very low profile and be very quiet! Shsssshhh!

And SETI, don't do anything (more) that's irreversible!!!


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